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From Anchorage -- "Biggie's Big Adventure"

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From Anchorage -- "Biggie's Big Adventure"

Biggie’s Big Adventure & How He was Reunited with His Dad

(copied and reposted from Anchorage, AK's, Instagram page)

It’s Monday morning, still dark, and a young woman is heading into her office when a big, dark shape hurls itself toward her. Moose? Bear? No. It’s Biggie….out on an adventure and looking for a human to join in the fun.

Biggie happily loads up into an SUV and is driven, tail wagging, to Anchorage Animal Care and Control to be placed in one of our after-hours kennel. But Biggie never makes it to the kennel. Why not? Because as one woman is driving (safety first) the other is calling the 800 number on Biggie’s Municipality of Anchorage dog license tag.

She reaches the 24/7 staffed-by-a-real-person hotline at @pethub and gives them Biggie’s license number. Luckily, Biggie’s dad had activated the tag so PetHub is able to instantly contact Biggie’s dad and put him and the finder in touch with each other.

Biggie’s Big Adventure ends when his dad pulls into the AACC parking lot and he goes directly home. No after-hours night drop kennel. No waiting at the shelter until we open. And no impound fee for his dad to pay.Yes, that’s what an MOA dog license tag can do for you and your wandering dog.

Finders can scan the QR code, call the 800 number or enter the license number on the PetHub website to access the profile you’ve created for your dog. And your dog goes directly home to you.

Moral of the story: get your dog’s license today at!


(As posted on the Anchorage Instagram site)

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