Furcode.com users: Your ID Tags No Longer Work!!

(Last updated: 04/06/2018)

It appears that Furcode LLC., has gone out of business - we are not affiliated with Furcode, we simply purchased their domain FURCODE.COM when it went up for auction. We have no access to their database and no way to contact their users to alert them to the fact that Furcode has apparently closed its doors and left animals with tags on their necks that don't work. :-(

While PetHub was the original creator of the QR code ID tag for which we filed a patent in 2010, we had no problems with companies like Furcode copying us to further the cause of helping lost animals. What's not OK, in my opinion, is how they closed-up shop with what appeared to me to be little to no warning to their users. To this day, we still have people reaching out to us asking what happened to Furcode?  We have no idea, but I think it's unfortunate that they left their users and four-legged pack members unprotected.

If you still like the concept of a dynamic ID tag, then you may purchase a new QR code tag from PetHub at https://www.pethub.com/shop.  Be sure to use coupon code PETHUBLUV for a 20% discount off your purchase. We are currently in use by over 500 communities as their license or rabies tags throughout the U.S. and we have over 600,000 pets on our site.

We hope you consider joining the PetHub Pack.

Tom Arnold

Founder & CEO

Pet Hub, Inc.