Podcasts about pet owners and their pets

1 in 5 have to evacuate their homes. Are you ready?


Learn from animal disaster response expert, John Peaveler, about the best ways pets can include pets in disaster preparedness planning. 

Pack it in...pack it out. Including the poop.


Hiking with pets is not just "taking a long walk." Special preparation is needed to ensure your hike is fun, stress-free and SAFE. 

Munis Ditch Old-fashioned ID Tags to Save Pets


Did you know that one out of three pets in the United States will go missing at some point in their lifetime; or that only 17 p

Expert Advice on Lost Pet Prevention & Recovery Products


Pet living expert Kristen Levine shares her favorite tools for keeping her pets safe and HOME. 

So I've got this idea for a new start-up, sweetie...


PetHub founders Tom Arnold and Lorien Clemens take the hot seat to answer listeners' questions about PetHub and Lost Pet Prevention Month.

Bring lost pets to a shelter, right? Think again.


U.S. animal shelters are in crisis. It's critical to keep lost pets OUT of shelters. Community-based "return to home" actions can help.

Benefits of Using Veterinary Telehealth


What IS telehealth for pets? When should you use it? How does it work? How can it help you save time and money? Lean all this and more.

How Vetster Is Innovating Pet Health


Telehealth is a new and exciting innovation in veterinary care, and there are many different types available. Learn about Vetster and what it has to offer.

Pandemics Change Everything, Including Pet Health Care


The pandemic changed veterinary medicine. What pet parents can expect in the evolving world of veterinary care and technology. 

The signs, dangers & solutions to pet obesity


Studies show that over 50% of American dogs and cats are clinically overweight. Learn why it's dangerous and how to keep your pet's weight healthy.

Starting Your Puppy Off on the Right Paw


Advice from a top pet nutrition expert and a pet health & safety expert about optimum health, safety and nutrition for your newest family member. 

The Science of Canine Nutrition


Choosing the "right" food for your dog can be confusing. Learn the science of dog nutrition, and what to look for when buying your pet's food.