3 Tools Every Pet Parent NEEDS


3 Tools Every Pet Parent NEEDS

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According to the American Humane Association, 10 million pets go missing or are stolen every year. One in three pets will get lost in their lifetimes.  And as much as every loving pet parent would like to believe their pet will never leave their sides, the fact of the matter is...a lost pet can happen to anyone. 

Lorien chats with Gina Knepp about three tools every pet parent needs to keep their pets safe and HOME.  Learn about Petco Love Lost, PetHub digital IDs and Pawboost from one of the animal welfare industry's leading experts. 

Gina Knepp is the National Shelter Engagement Director for Michelson Found Animals. Previously serving as Animal Care Services Manager for Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, Gina increased the live release rate from just 20% to over 90% through the development of new RTH policies and robust community engagement programs. She is also a one of the Managing Executive Committee of the Human Animal Support Services project.



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