Frequently Asked Questions

For some brief instructional videos that will walk you through getting your pet set up and protected, please click here.
How does PetHub protection work?
  1. Create your pet’s free online profile on The profile contains information about your pet including their name, breed, age, medications, allergies, owner’s contact info, and much more
  2. Link that profile to one (or more!) of our QR coded tags or collars
  3. Choose your level of protection with our Basic (free) or Premium subscriptions
  • When the tag is scanned with a smartphone, the Good Samaritan sees all the information you have made public on your pet’s profile
  • If they don’t have a smartphone, and you purchased a tag with our Call Center number, they simply call us and we’ll get you connected with the Good Samaritan so your furry family can come home quickly (the call center service is provided free with our free Basic service)
  • With a Premium subscription, you get an email notification that your pet’s tag was scanned, and in the email is a GPS map of where they were when they were scanned
  • Also with a Premium subscription, you can start a PetHub Community Alert, which sends virtual "Lost Pet" notices to local shelters, rescues, vets and pet professionals, plus the PetHub community!
Do you have to have a smartphone to use the tag?
No! Our tag offers multiple ways for people to get in touch with the owner. If the user does not have a QR reading device, they can call in to the 24/7 Lost Pet call center that is offered on many of the tags, or manually enter in the web address that links directly to the pet’s profile.
Can I add my pet’s name and phone number to the tag?
Yes! We offer some of our tags with a personalization option that allows you to put your pet’s name and contact information.
What comes with the FREE membership level?
Our Basic level is free and comes with every PetHub digital ID tag. It includes:
  • Storage of Your Pet’s Information – put all of your pet’s contact information online, in one safe place, and then put it to use to help protect them by linking it to one of our digital ID tags.
  • 24/7 Found Pet Call Center - staffed by humans, not an automated computer.
  • Lost Pet Poster - instantly create a lost pet poster for printing or sharing information on your pet's profile.
  • Perks - learn about new pet brands and services while saving money.
  • Articles about Pets – PetHub is dedicated to helping you raise happy & healthy pets. We have over 500 searchable articles (and growing) to help you do just that.
For even more protection, we suggest you upgrade to our Premium level, which includes all the benefits of the Basic level, PLUS:
  • Community Alerts – if your pet strays from home and you need help spreading the word, report them “Missing” from your pet's profile and notify shelters and businesses within a 50 mile radius of where you last saw your pet. Did you know, most pets are found within 3 miles of where they were last seen?
  • Instant Tag Scan Notifications– when you pet's tag is scanned, you're automatically notified via email (text alerts coming soon!). This becomes super helpful when you thought Mary Puppins was in in the backyard, but you get a scan notification. Think again: Puppins is on the loose!
  • GPS Location Map – this is a favorite feature for PetHub members! We will send you a passive GPS map of the location your pet's tag was scanned (if we're given permission from the scanner to collect the data).
  • Social Sharing - easily share your Lost Pet Poster with your networks. Spreading the word can get your pet home even faster!
  • Pack Rewards - instantly save over $275 in free products and services from some of our favorite pet brands, like a free year of pet care! Learn more about these limited-time and highly exclusive Rewards. 
Is there a monthly fee once I have paid for the tag?
If you choose the Premium subscription there is either a monthly, annual or one-time lifetime fee, depending on what you prefer.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, we at PetHub pride ourselves on being as straightforward as possible to the consumer. The Basic (free) package offers a suite of features while the Premium package offers additional features.
Can I wait until my pet is missing then upgrade?
Yes. You are more than welcome to upgrade at any time for any reason. However, often times owners do not even realize their pet is missing until they get a notification from our team that their pet has been found. The premium service can help get your pet home faster.
How does the GPS feature work?
The GPS feature is a "passive" search using software embedded in mobile devices of the person that scanned the tag. When the tag is scanned, the system determines that it came from a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet) and sends an email to the pet owner with the GPS map of the location where the scan took place. 
If you enroll as a Premium member of PetHub, each time your pet’s tag is scanned by a mobile device, we will take any GPS data we get from that phone and use it to send you an email with the GPS mapping information.
Is there a discount for multiple pets?
Yes! When you link a PetHub ID tag to your pet's profile, you will be given the option to upgrade to an individual or Family subscription. The Family plan is much more economical for anyone with 3 or more pets they want at a Premium level.
Do I have to replace my pet’s tag each year?
If it's a municipality pet license tag using our PetHub technology, you'll need to check your local laws as to when a tag needs to be replaced (some have annual, 2-year, 3-year and lifetime tags). If it's one of our designer tags not associated with a city or county, it does not need to be replaced annually.
What happens if my tag is lost or damaged?
If your tag is lost, you may purchase a new tag and link it to your pet's profile just like you did before (visit our store). If it becomes damaged, contact us so we can help you get a new tag, many times at no additional cost.
Can I change my pets’ and my information whenever I want - free of charge?
Yes, you may change your pets’ information as often as you like for no additional fee.
Does PetHub have a specific mobile app?
Yes, but it is not required to use our service. The app shows recently added pets, articles, social media and more. You can find it here: If you are looking for a QR Reader app, there are hundreds of those out there (and some even built into the latest software system updates for mobile devices) - here are some popular QR Reader apps.
What if someone doesn’t know what a QR Code is?
That is the great thing about our tags; the rescuer can scan the QR Code, type in the URL in any browser or call the 24/7 Call Center to speak to a live person who can give them any information and link a phone call to you directly.

More questions? Contact us!