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Found: Miga

Brown dog with black nose

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for Pethub!  My dog, Miga, the rhodesian ridgeback got lost lately while taking a walk with my husband on the local trail. He just stopped walking to answer his text and didn't notice that the dog went the other direction.  She knows the area well, however it seemed that she took the wrong turn and ran towards the very busy street, instead of going home. She was found roaming along the road, disoriented and scared, by Good Samaritan, lady by the name Shoshannah. She held Miga till my husband arrived. It took altogether around 40 minutes till our dog got back to her home. The Good Samaritan scanned Miga's PetHub tag, was able to contact their main office. PetHub sent me the email immediately ( I knew from PetHub the dog was missing within 10 min).  They  did not give my phone number to the dog finder, because my privacy setting didn't allow the release of my number.  I am sure that the process would go even smoother if I allowed my numbers to be displayed in the tag information.  I highly recommend to everyone to have all phone numbers to be readily available and accessible in the tag.  I am very grateful for the PetHub system which definitely adds peace of mind to difficult and scary situation.  I am sure it would take me much longer to find my dog or maybe I wouldn't get her back at all! I appreciate people like the lady who saved my dog. PetHub took great care of all of us and gave me the reassurance I needed in this difficult situation.  All pets deserve PetHub and it is our local company! So proud of it!



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