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Found: Nerk & Sakoda


“I spent several hours driving around and talking to other neighboring farmers, but I finally had to go home to settle settled in with my drink and the TV. All I could do was fret over the imagined outcomes of my babies loose in farm country. From Nerk killing chickens to         un-welcomed herding of cows-- or Sakoda wrapping her leash around a tree or bush,and becoming stuck. Luckily, I didn’t have much time to fret. A PetHub staffer called me about 30 minutes later--with the news about 'Nerk being in someone’s back yard with his sister. These two runners had covered 3 or 4 miles of wooded area, a busy highway, and then just came back home to sleep the night away. Thank you PetHub for being on the job of putting us poor owners back in touch with our pack members. YAY!!!!”



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