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Found: Peach


I left the house this morning, leaving Peach in the house, thinking she'll be safe. I guess my sister forgot to shut the door or something, but Peach managed to get out and someone found Peach running out on the county road (we live in a fairly decent area.) I had received a PetHub email around 1 saying that someone viewed her profile, then I get another one a few minutes later saying that they have Peach. At first I was confused cause I knew Peach wasn't out running around this morning, but then I got relieved cause she was safe. I had called her and she had brought Peach back home. Needless to say, when I got home I was kind of mad that she ran away, but happy she was safe. She wasn't happy when I had given her a bath. She must have had an adventure out running around cause she was ridiculously muddy and full of stickers. Pictures are of her post bathed, fresh and fluffy. She weight 8-9 pounds and is a small little fur ball- she is also a puppy mill rescue dog :) 



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