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Digging into PetHub Tech - How to Set-Up Privacy Controls and Access Information

The name "PetHub" isn't just something that is catchy (although, we're pretty proud of how catchy it is). When we created the company, our mission was to establish a "hub" where all your pet's essential information can live for easy access. Having the ability to include medical information, vaccination records, behavioral traits, and the contact information for multiple safety circle pet caretakers is one of the reasons PetHub is such a valuable tool for pet parents.

Considerations when Bringing a New Pet Home

The team at Eusoh have written a guest article for us for Lost Pet Prevention Month. The views and recommendations made are those of the guest contributers.

One of the missions of the Eusoh community is affordable care for all pets but a huge part of that is keeping them safe. We believe one of the most important aspects of pet parenting is preparing and preventing the worst possible scenarios.