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Author: Casey DeArmon

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Yorkie sitting on the ground CBD has been a growing industry for not only humans, but pets as well. Research shows that in 2018 the pet market for CBD was $64 million and is expected to grow to $801 million by 2024. CBD can help with anxiety, and it can also help alleviate pain, controlling seizures, and act as an anti-inflammatory tool. As new studies come out and confirm these benefits, more and more veterinary professionals are recommending CBD products to pet parents.

All that said, we have to keep in mind one important fact - THC can be very toxic for pets. Leading up to 2018, there were no requirements when it came to regulating pet CBD; which is pretty scary to think about. Luckily, in 2018, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill) was passed and requires all pet CBD products to be derived from hemp, with .3% of THC or less. 

We can all agree that it can be overwhelming with how many CBD products are out there - how do you even know where to start? The CBD pet market has been flooded by companies who are making a profit off of low-quality CBD - potentially putting your pet at risk. It is extremely important to know what the different ingredients mean in each CBD product and how to scope out companies you can trust.

Here are the things you should ALWAYS look for when considering CBD for your pet:

  • ONLY buy from a trusted source.
  • Look for the COA (Certificate of Analysis) - this will be your proof of what is actually in the CBD.
  • If a company cannot provide proof of ingredients, do not buy from them.
  • The product should clearly state that it contains CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Extract & the amount in the product.
  • It should include an FDA disclaimer.
  • If you are purchasing an oil in a plastic bottle, do not buy it. Plastic contains harmful chemicals and the best CBD companies always use glass.
  • The FDA does not allow companies to state medical claims - if the product you are looking at makes them, do not purchase it.
  • Do not purchase Hemp Seed Oil. This has no CBD and is of no benefit to your pet.

We know keeping all of this information in mind when trying to find a CBD product for your pet isn't easy and sometimes having a trusted 'go to' location is a better option. In a Pet Lover Geek podcast from this past November, Lorien sat down with Dr. Judy Morgan to discuss what CBD is and is it safe to give our pets.

Each CBD product is different, and we strongly encourage you to read the description on the site to ensure it is a good fit for your furry friend. The information provided here and in the podcast is purely informational - not medical advice. Please consult your veterinarian before making any decisions for your pet.

And, of course, we cannot recommend listening to the Pet Lover Geek podcast enough- What Exactly is CBD, and should I give it to my pet? Or you can read the transcript from the podcast by clicking here.

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