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#1: Make them an indoor kitty. Outdoor = leash.


Cats are curious creatures and always on the lookout for a new adventure, but that daredevil spirit often leads them straight to trouble. 

Sweater weather, gorgeous leaves, and hidden dangers.


As summer fades into fall and temperatures drop, it’s important that pet owners, especially new ones, are fully aware of the unique dangers of autumn.

My pet just needs a microchip, right? NO!


Here at PetHub, we compare pet identification to a four-legged stool. Would you feel safe sitting on a stool that only has one leg? Probably not.

Pets have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth


Pet dogs have carbon pawprints double that of a typical SUV. Cats are equal to driving a compact car for a year. So what can you do to less the impact?

30 Simple Things Every Parent Needs to Do NOW


Consider this an inventory of the key actions to take THIS WEEKEND to be prepared for the worst and protect your pet for unforeseen circumstances.

First Aid knowledge can make a world of difference


Illness and/or injury sometimes add to the problems faced by pets when they are lost. Do you know how to help if you are the kind soul that finds them?

"I don't CHASE bikes. I RIDE them, like a cool dog."


Do you long to take your canine companion with you when you go for a bike ride but wonder if it is safe?  It can be, if you do it right.

Help A Missing Pet Return Home


Finding a missing pet can be stressful, but remembering the basics can really help! We’ve got five ways you can help a missing pet return home to his family.

The Ultimate Guide to Reuniting with Your Furry Friend


We've got key tips on the best ways to get a lost pet back home with the help of survey results from pet parents like you!

The first few hours are key in finding a lost pet!


The first twenty four hours are crucial in finding a lost pet. What tactics are most successful in bringing a pet home based on the length of time they've been away? We've got survey results to show what you should do each window of time they're away.

Gather your pets and gear, we've got the tools


We've put together a comprehensive list of ways to prepare for hurricane season, evacuations, and keeping together with your pets.

Guidelines for Storage, Preparation and More


When buying, preparing, and storing human food, we want to prevent contamination, open food containers, spoilage, etc. But are your standards for pets?