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Doggos want WARM walkies in a Winter Wonderland


Ya gotta walk the pup daily (or else). Unfortunately, it’s not always fun or comfortable to walk your dog in the fall or winter. Let's fix that. 

Canine Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes & Types


Dogs may be anxious for wide variety different reasons, and there are several types of anxiety, each with different triggers and specific treatments.

What to consider when choosing a tracker


There are a TON of choices for pet tracker devices! We breakdown what key things to consider when adding a tracker to your pet's collar that also has a PetHub tag on it!

WHY furballs get lost and how to prevent it.


We found the top three reasons a pet gets lost and have important tools to help with prevention!

Top product picks for yards, decks, RVs and more!


The PetHub selected the TOP products that make their lives better with pets as they enjoy outdoor spaces in yards, on decks, and on the open road!

What type of dog is best for living in apartments?


Which dog breed is the best fit when living in an apartment? Consider their need for exercise, size, and likelihood to bark when deciding on an apartment pup.

Days to celebrate pets and their people


Doggie breath mints and dental chews are NOT enough.


Many health issues stem from an imbalance in the bad vs. good bacteria that creates an unhealthy environment in the mouth. And...bad bacteria STINKS.

Avoid destructive pet behavior with the help of boredom busters for doggos and kitties


Nobody likes destructive pet behavior! Ward it off with the help of boredom busters for dogs and cats!

Worried your pup singing "All by myself"? We get it.


While you’re at work or out you’re thinking about your dog. What’s a pet parent to do? Here are 5 ways to “fix” your dog’s home-alone-liness.

PetHub Staff Picks that save US time & money


Time IS money! Finding ways to save time AND money as a pet parent is a win win!

Is Craiglist still good for finding lost pets?


Posting a lost pet to Facebook groups, and your own Facebook profile, can be very helpful. Craigslist is another online tool that many people turn to.