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Get in the car, dude. We've got some explorin' to do!


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A little TLC & a first aid-kit goes a LONG way


A lost pet could find himself face-to-face with dangers he never imagined.  YOU knowing Pet First Aid could be a great comfort as well as a life-saver!  

Sure, your pet loves you. But do they BRAG about you?


It's not hard to be a great pet parent. Here are some simple things to can do to make sure the other pets in the neighborhood will be jealous.

Make this year the PAW-somenest!


Up your pet parent game. Following this 6 step guide will ensure you get all the help you need to keep you fur kids happy, safe and HOME.

Spring has sprung! And so has the pollen!


A little foresight and prevention can go a long way in having an enjoyable spring with your fur kids, indoors and outside.

Tips to Secure a Full Veterinary Care History


Having a copy of your pet’s medical records is important in determining what type of care and treatment is needed, but obtaining records can be tricky.

Dogs & Cats Living Together! Mass Hysteria? Nope.


The pandemic inspired one PetHub team member to go fully remote. Dogs, cats and everything she needed to do her work moved into an RV and hit the road.

Learn when to use Telehealth for your pet


Knowing the different scenarios for using telehealth services can help pet parents understand when and why to use this valuable and affordable tool.

Doggos want WARM walkies in a Winter Wonderland


Ya gotta walk the pup daily (or else). Unfortunately, it’s not always fun or comfortable to walk your dog in the fall or winter. Let's fix that. 

What to consider when choosing a tracker


There are a TON of choices for pet tracker devices! We breakdown what key things to consider when adding a tracker to your pet's collar that also has a PetHub tag on it!

WHY furballs get lost and how to prevent it.


We found the top three reasons a pet gets lost and have important tools to help with prevention!

Top product picks for yards, decks, RVs and more!


The PetHub selected the TOP products that make their lives better with pets as they enjoy outdoor spaces in yards, on decks, and on the open road!