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Getting your lost pet home

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Getting your lost pet home

PetHub started with the sole purpose of helping get lost pets home again quickly and safely. Here are some things we've learned along the way and we invite you to share your tips, too.


  1. Preparation - if your pet hasn't gone missing, now is the perfect time to prepare for an event you hope never takes place. Be sure to update your pet's profile on PetHub with a recent photo and your contact information
  2. Lost Pet Poster - in this day and age a lost pet poster can take the form of a physical piece of paper or an electronic document you can share through email and social media - to create on one PetHub, go to your pet's profile and click the "Report Missing or Found" button
  3. Community Alert - using the "Report Missing or Found" button mentioned in step-2, you can send a Community Alert to the shelters within a 50-mile radius
  4. Helpful Articles - they're quick and helpful and will get you moving in the right direction during a time of high anxiety. Here are a few on PetHub:
    • Making Posters & Flyers (link)
    • Tips for Finding Pets Who Ran Away from Shock (link)
    • Tagging Your Car Can Help Find Your Lost Pet (link)
    • Creating an Intersection Alert to Find Your Pet (link)

We've been where you are and that's why we started PetHub. If you are going through this now, please know that you're in our thoughts and we welcome feedback from you as to how we can add more features or improve our service to help you get your four-legged loved one home again quickly and safely.

- The PetHub Team

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