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PetHub Team

Tom Arnold
Founder & President

Former Microsoft FTE, 3 tech start-ups, tech author, Purdue University grad (Computer Science), geek with social skills

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Matt Landrum

Director @ Aderant, Finance Mgr @ Honeywell, Global Ops Controller @ CP Kelco, Indiana University grad, Clemson University MBA

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Lorien Clemens
Vice President of Marketing & Operations

2015 “Pet Industry Woman of the Year” - 2016 “Pet Industry Woman of Influence” - pet technology radio show host

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Rebecca Breese
Assistant Director of Municipal Programs

Cornell University grad, Pet Dev Mgr @ JBS (dev & launch of treat division), 2017 Pet Industry “Rising Star”

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Becca Thompson
Project Manager

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Samantha Sinko
Customer Success Manager

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Alex Cerreli
Marketing & Communications Specialist

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Jessica Williams
Social Media Coordinator

Maya Bree Turnor
Customer Care

New Teammate
Awesomeness Ninja

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