10 Dog Park Safety Tips

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Going to the dog park is a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of danger. Make sure you take these safety precautions before going to the park.

  1. Get those shots! Make sure your dog is vaccinated.
  2. Be careful when opening and closing the gate into the park. You never know when there’s a dog who's a flight risk on the loose!
  3. Before you go into the park take a look at the other dogs. Do the any of the dogs seem overly aggressive or scared? Do the other dogs look healthy? Think are these the kind of pups I want my baby to play with?
  4. Dog parks are not the best place for kids and it’s best to leave the kids at home. Your pooch might be super kid friendly but that doesn’t mean all other dogs at the park are kid friendly.
  5. Know your dog. If your dog is the aggressive or fearful type then you are putting your pooch as well as others at risk by taking him to the dog park.
  6. Make sure your dog is fit to go outside and play with other dogs. If your pup has recently been sick or has had surgery the dog park is a very bad idea. Also take note, sometimes pets just like people have off days. Maybe your pooch just doesn’t feel that great and it’s for no particular reason. Let em’ rest up for a big day of play.
  7. ALWAYS make sure you dog has proper identification before going to the park. You never know when your pooch might escape or get lost. Going to the dog park opens up a plethora of opportunities for getting lost. So make sure your pup has a way to get back home.
  8. Make sure your cellphone is charged and nearby. Accidents can happen, so be prepared! Always make sure you have your phone, playing with stranger dogs is always a risk.
  9. Keep your eyes on your dog. Be a responsible pet parent and keep an eye on your pooch. He may not be the perfect angle you believe him to be once you take him out in public with other dogs.
  10. Pick up your pooch’s poo. Again, be responsible. This should sound like common sense but a lot people still don’t pick up after their pooch.