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Understand Pet Nutrition


With so many choices and options, along with some heavy hitting marketing tactics, it can be downright overwhelming to navigate the dog food aisle.

"Mom, I didn't run AWAY. I just went EXPLORING"


Professional canine escape artists. We know they exist. Dogs that will bolt, dig or chew to the ends of the earth in order to escape their home or yard.

PetHub is in GOOD Company!


Just like PetHub, there are many organizations working towards a goal of getting lost pets home, and so we just have to share their PAWsomeness.

Covid lockdown. Christmas. Toddler. Time for a PUPPY!


Bringing Hedy Home is PetHub's very own puppy series! In this first installment: Reflecting on the decision to welcome a new puppy into your home.

PetHub's CEO shares the story of her beloved Penny


A dog can change your life. Saying goodbye to that soul can be devastating. Lorien shares her journey of trauma, deep love and Canine Cognitive Disorder.

Come, Sit, Stay...and read all about it.


It’s a fact that training plays a crucial part in lost pet prevention. There are undeniable benefits of having a trained pup, like helping them stay safe.

If you rely solely on a microchip -- DON'T.


Some municipalities are getting rid of community IDs and opting for "microchip only" programs. Too many times, though, we've seen microchips FAIL.

We LUV building tag programs to help communities!


If you found PetHub through your pet's new ID tag, these folks that made that happen.  If your community NEEDS better IDs, they can help with that, too! 

YOU control what you share publicly.


A question we often get is "What shows when the tag is scanned?" Closely followed by "What if I don't want to show that?"  Don't worry, boo...we gotchu.



Stereotypes for Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) have caused a sense of distrust for many folks. Let's separate myth from fact. Fact: ACOs are PAWsome.