PetHub Found Pet Stories

Found: Castle


Meet Castle! Back in June, she wandered away from home and found herself in a strange neighborhood.  Luckily, a Good Samaritan was able to...

Found: Buddy


Buddy, a Hollywood hound, decided to take a tour of Tinseltown one day without Mom's permission.  An email notification from the...

Found: Bad Kitty


Meet B.K. (aka Bad Kitty).  B.K.

Found: Frank


Meet Frank! After moving to his new house, Frank wanted to escape the back yard and meet his neighbors!  Luckily, he was brought home safe...

Found: Spot


Meet Spot! He pulled a Houdini act and escaped, but was soon back home safely after a kind stranger saw his PetHub tag. Spot's parent was very...


Nerk became lost after chasing his sister Sakoda out on the farm. Being that Nerk and Sakoda have a serious love of chickens, Joseph--their Doggy...

Found: Duncan


Found Duncan 11/4. This little Papillon went on a big adventure.

Found: Lulu


Meet Lulu! She snuck out to get a snack, but was quickly reunited with her mom! Her mom, Stephanie, shared her story with us:

Found: Lucky


Meet Lucky! She got home quickly and safely thanks to her PetHub tag. Her dad, Russ, dropped us this note:

Found: Lorelei


Meet Lorelei!  She snuck out recently, but thanks to a Good Samaritan, was already on her way home before mom even knew she was missing!

Found: Chester


The wind blew the gate open at Chester's house this morning. He decided that it would be a good time to leave the yard and see if the local...


Mr. Beag Lee pulled one of his disappearing acts again! This time he was found along side the road--just a few miles from his house.