PetHub Found Pet Stories

Dark yorkie sitting lying on her bed

Found: Daisy Mae


Is your pup a "frequent flyer" like Daisy, always looking for adventure beyond their own backyard? If so, then you need a PetHub tag on...

Chocolate labrador mix looking at the camera

Found: McKale


McKale decided he wanted to join his family for their vacation.  Fortunately, he was returned home before he took the wrong bus with the help...

Schnauzer mix looking at the camera

Found: Harley


Going on vacation? Leaving your pet with a pet sitter? A PetHub tag is a must. Check out this story about a vacation nearly ruined by a missing...

Yellow labrador

Found: Caz


Holidays like Halloween are times when the risk for a pet going missing is higher than usual. People ringing the doorbell, little spookies &...

German shorthair pointer

Found: Max


Some dogs just live to run.  Max is a "frequent flyer" and manages to bust out for a run on a regular basis. Thankfully, now with...

Husky lying on the carpet

Found: Shadow


Meet Shadow!  Her story is a perfect example of how things like weather can unexpectantly create a situation that lets a pup escape a...

Yellow labrador looking at camera

Found: Lucy


Meet Lucy!  She snuck out of the fence to go exploring the neighborhood, but was brought home safely thanks to her PetHub tag!  This...

Golden retriever dog looking at camera

Found: Maggie


Meet Maggie! She went missing on New Year's Day, but she fortunately got home in less than an HOUR thanks to her PetHub tag! 

Brown dog with black nose

Found: Miga


Meet Miga!  This cutie took a detour while hiking with her dad, but was found by a good samaritan who scanned her PetHub tag. She was...

Basset hound dog

Found: Diesel


PetHub is the perfect tag for pet parents that travel.  The following story about Diesel is one of our favorites and shows the tremendous...

Boxer dog looking at camera

Found: Pisco


The longer your pet is missing, the scarier it gets.  Here's a great happy-ending story of a pup that literally was "stuck" for...

White Chihuahua dog

Found: Louie


Losing a pet while on vacation can be a nightmare. Thankfully, Louie's mom had a PetHub tag on his collar and his "extended tour" of...