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Protecting Pets From Hidden Poisons and Toxins

Protecting our precious pets from harm is one of the many responsibilities that comes along with animal ownership. Keeping them safe from possible poisoning is just one of the many things to consider in order to keep our pets happy and healthy.   

Evolution of ID Tags & Lost Pet Prevention Timeline

Long, long ago - like 15k - 30k years ago Dogs and humans start hangin' together 1604 Shakespeare's dog makes collars fashionable.* 1864 Dog tags make their debut in the Civil War. 1880 Alexander Graham Bell puts his number on his pup's tag.*

10 Ways You and Your Dog Can Help Spread Kindness

No doubt, your dog brings you great joy and joy and happiness. What if you channeled that energy to help and uplift others? Imagine the positivity you could bring to the world. Hopefully the people you meet will then spread that kindness to others. 1)      Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog the next time you walk yours. 2)      Pick up an extra bag of dog treats at the store and give it to the next stranger you see walking their dog.

How to Make a Yummy (& Safe) Thanksgiving Feast for Your Pets

Many pet parents and guests want to share the Thanksgiving feast with the dog. That can be a problem though, because sometimes things on the table contain ingredients that are harmful to them. The best way to ensure that your dog will stay safe while enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities is to make them their own yummy, Thanksgiving feast!  

The Simplest Way to Calm Your Dog’s Inner Escape Artist

  Professional canine escape artists. We know they exist. Dogs that will bolt, dig or chew to the ends of the earth in order to reach a seemingly sweet freedom, filled with open spaces and new smells, that awaits them outside of the confines of their home or yard.

Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe Has a Rabies Problem. PetHub to the Rescue!

The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe can celebrate that 109 animals on their reservation have been vaccinated thanks to the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe Rabies Clinic. Not only are these animals vaccinated but are sporting PetHub QR Digital Dog & Cat ID Tags that make it easier to identify them as a vaccinated animal.

Autumn Safety for Your Pets

As summer starts to wind down and the changing leaves signal the end of hot, stifling weather, pets anxiously await the cooler weather. This transition of the seasons ushers in relief, but can also present certain dangers that are unique to the season. Learning to recognize these hazards will keep your pet out of trouble and comfortable in the oncoming weather. Keeping Warm

How to Make an Emergency Plan for Your Pet

  An old adage recommends that we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This is equally true of your pets, as well as your own everyday life. Obviously, no one can prepare for every possible disaster that could occur, but if you have a thorough and flexible disaster plan in place beforehand it can make managing an unfortunate situation—should one occur—much easier and less stressful.  Here at PetHub we have compiled the 4 steps you need to take to create the most efficient emergency plan possible.   

Great Essential Oil Remedies to Include in Any First Aid Kit

By Denise Fleck, Sunny-Dog Ink and Vicki Rae Thorne, Earth Heart Inc.   Most pet parents know it’s important to have a first aid kit around the house, and in their vehicle for their dog or cat. They also know it should include the obvious basics like gauze, first aid tape, eye wash, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, safety scissors, a digital thermometer, and a pet first aid handbook.   But did you know that remedies containing pure essential oils can be a safe and effective addition to your pet first aid kit?

My Biggest Fear: What Happens If My Dog Gets Lost?

I’m not gonna sugarcoat dog, Penny, is a jerk. She's a reactive dog who, although she has come a long way, acts a little (OK, a lot) nuts sometimes... especially in an unfamiliar environment. My biggest fear is what will happen if she gets lost.

Fireworks Fears: Tips to Prevent Anxious Dogs From Getting Lost

Living with an anxious dog requires patience and management, especially during the summer months. If your dog is fearful of fireworks, you may dread the Fourth of July or any holiday that involves fireworks and loud noises. The solutions may help your dog stay calm. A calm dog is less likely to bolt, run off, or get lost.

5 Unique Ways to Help Your Pet Go Green on Earth Day

Pets bring a lot of positive benefits into our lives. Studies show that they help keep us happy, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and they can help us stay fit. However, pets have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth.

Why Your Pet Needs A Digital ID Tag

The revolution in the pet tag industry has made it easier than ever to keep everyone's pet's safe, happy and home for life! It’s high time to get your pet new identification tags and leave the old “pet-name-and-one-phone-number” etched tag in the past and check out the wave of the future, QR coded tags.

Don’t Let Your Pet Run Around Naked!

When you pass another dog on your walk, or see a cat crossing the road, they are wearing a collar or harness with ID attached, right? If you saw that same pet lounging around on the couch, chances are they might be naked, or sans ID. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recently found that only 33 percent of pet parents said they keep ID tags on their dogs and cats at all times.

How to Add Pictures

Here are the two most common reasons for picture error:

8 Tips to be an All-Star Pet Parent

It's not hard to be a great pet parent. Here are 10 simple things to can do to make sure your doing the best by your furry friend.

Getting More of My Pet's Info to Show-Up When Scanned

By design you can turn on and turn off what information you show when your pet's profile is viewed through their ID tag.  Our 24x7 call center has access to all of this data so it is OK to hide the information and show it only when you know your pet is missing.  

5 Reasons Why You Need Multiple Numbers on Your Pet’s ID

Today we lead busy lives and it's common for families to have multiple phone numbers. It's important to associate all of the phone numbers, plus any other contacts that may be able to help your pet get home, with your pet. That's not possible with traditional pet ID tags but it is possible with an smart tag that links to a comprehensive online profile.

5 Best Safety-Related Gifts for Dogs

Give you or your friend’s best furry pal the gift of safety this season. These are our top 5 must-have items to help keep your pup safe.

4 Critical Pet Safety Things to Remember as Summer Turns to Autumn

I don't know about you, but Autumn has a way of creeping up on me.  I've been so used to the warm weather and the ample daylight, I'm always a little surprised that morning when I go out to walk the dogs and I not only need a jacket, but I also need a flashlight!  It's a sure sign that fall is coming, and winter is right around the corner. And for folks like us here in the Pacfic Northwest, that means that COLD weather can come fast and furious, and a pet parent needs to be prepared.  

Why Digital ID Tags

One in every three pets will go missing at some point  in their lifetime.  

Why Microchips Aren’t Enough

      Pet parents should never rely on microchips alone. Although microchips are a critical tool, physical pet IDs are your first line  of protection in recovering your lost pet. You are relying on a lot of things to go right if you depend soley on a microchip.  

Top 12 People Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Pets [Infographic]

Do you know what foods are poisonous to pets? Many simple household items such as onions and chewing gum can be lethal. Print out this infographic and keep it around your home so that you know what foods Fido needs to avoid.  

5 Tips for Pet Poisoning Emergencies

Being calm and knowing what to do in poising emergency will save precious time in the event that your pet ingests something dangerous.