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Dream vacay turn nightmare when the fur kid gets lost.


Vacations put you and your pet out of your familiar comfort zone. This means extra challenges to retrieve a pet that has gone missing during vacation.


Stereotypes for Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) have caused a sense of distrust for many folks. Let's separate myth from fact. Fact: ACOs are PAWsome.

Worried your pup singing "All by myself"? We get it.


While you’re at work or out you’re thinking about your dog. What’s a pet parent to do? Here are 5 ways to “fix” your dog’s home-alone-liness.

Run away. Zig zag. Lay down. Dog tricks? No. YOURS.


Harper's co-founder and experienced dog trainer maps out 7 concrete strategies for helping bring your on-the-run pup back to you quickly. 

An Alternative Approach to Treating Stress


Almost all pet parents have been confronted with situations that stress out their pets.Learn about a safe way to help them to calm and feel safe.

Ultimate safety net. NOT fail-proof.


There are MANY misconceptions about microchips. One myth is that they will always get a lost pet home.  Learn what you DON'T know about microchips. 

30 Simple Things Every Parent Needs to Do NOW


Consider this an inventory of the key actions to take THIS WEEKEND to be prepared for the worst and protect your pet for unforeseen circumstances.

Sure, your pet loves you. But do they BRAG about you?


It's not hard to be a great pet parent. Here are some simple things to can do to make sure the other pets in the neighborhood will be jealous.

Lost Pet Alerts to Community Shelters, Vets & More


When your pet goes missing, there is no time to waste. So we have made reporting your lost pet and creating a lost pet poster easy and fast!

No collar? No ID tag? No easy way home.


Only 33% of pet parents say they keep ID tags on their pets at all times. At one point or another, most pets don't wear the IDs that help them get home.

Modern Pet Parents Need Modern Solutions


Curious about veterinary telehealth? Two PetHub team members share how it's been a valuable tool for them in improving their pet's health and wellness. 

Cats and Dogs Do NOT Eat Alike


Due to physiological differences, cats require different nutrients than dogs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most key nutrients your cat needs in their diet.