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"I don't CHASE bikes. I RIDE them, like a cool dog."


Do you long to take your canine companion with you when you go for a bike ride but wonder if it is safe?  It can be, if you do it right.

Expect the unexpected when you're on the road with dogs


Even a travel-with-dogs expert can have a a pet go missing.  Go Pet Friendly's Amy tells Myles' tale and the lessons learned.

YOU control what you share publicly.


A question we often get is "What shows when the tag is scanned?" Closely followed by "What if I don't want to show that?"  Don't worry, boo...we gotchu.

My Fur Kid Isn't Spoiled, I'm Just Well-trained


The PetHub team is passionate about pets.  And rather OBSESSED with these five pawsome pet products & services that we SWEAR by. 

#8 - Will you promise to bring him yummy snacks daily?


You don't want to leave your pet with just anybody.  There is a BIG difference between a pet sitting pro and someone making some extra cash on the side.

"Mom, I didn't run AWAY. I just went EXPLORING"


Professional canine escape artists. We know they exist. Dogs that will bolt, dig or chew to the ends of the earth in order to escape their home or yard.

If only dogs could provide you Trip Advisor ratings.


Did you know that summer vacation time is the prime time for pets to go missing? Considering most pets don't REALLY like vacay TBH, is it worth the risk?
Some are really lost. Some just want new snacks.


It happens more than I realized after I talked to people in “the biz.” I’m not talking about intentional theft, but accidental theft. Yes, it’s a thing.

Magnet for lost pets? You NEED to read this.


Prep for the day you find a lost pet just by adding a few items to the emergency kit you keep in your car for your own pets (you have one, right??).

Grab-n-go bag? Escape Route? Lodging Options?


>20% of pet parents have had to evacuate their homes during a disaster or emergency -- are you prepared for that? Do you have a plan? Let us help.

My cat is equal parts lovebug & MMA fighter. Yours?


What "Game of Thrones" character would your cat be in an online test? Knowing the answer can help keep them safe. (FTR, mine is DEF Tormund Giantsbane)

Swank digs, DogTV, tons o'toys. Would YOU ever leave?


An enriched environment can prevent your dog from running away from home and getting lost (and, let's face it, it's more fun for you, too).