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What happens to your pet when you are gone?


Have you planned who care for your pets if you have a major illness or worse? Unexpected things happen. Planning ahead for your pet's care is critical.

Aren't all dog toys good for puppies? Nope.


PetHub's team is puppy obsessed and experienced. They've  explored the world of puppy toys and have selected some of their absolute favorites.

Pets have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth


Pet dogs have carbon pawprints double that of a typical SUV. Cats are equal to driving a compact car for a year. So what can you do to less the impact?

Modern Pets Need Modern Identification


Today’s digital pet IDs are not your grand-daddy’s dog tags. Still using a $7 circle of etched-one-name-and-number-metal? Your pet needs you to read this.

Hot dawgs & cool cats need you to be prepared


Summer's recreational activities are a blast, but adding furkids into the mix makes it better!  Just remember to plan ahead for your pet's safety.

Veterinary dental bills can be EXPENSIVE


It is estimated that between 50-90% of all adult cats suffer from some kind of dental health issue. Luckily, we've got info on tools you & your cat need!

Covid lockdown. Christmas. Toddler. Time for a PUPPY!


Bringing Hedy Home is PetHub's very own puppy series! In this first installment: Reflecting on the decision to welcome a new puppy into your home.

How to Raise a Canine Good Citizen from Day One


When should you start training your new puppy?  Before you even bring them home!  (Yes, seriously.) Learn how to start your puppy off on the right paw. 

Never been away from mamma-dog, adventures adhead!


Bringing a puppy home is not only a whirlwind for you, but also for your puppy! There will be many firsts and lots of fun (and lessons learned) during the first week.

Pro tip: DON'T leave puppy-prep to the last minute.


It had been years since we'd had a puppy, so we had to get prepped. Here's our must-have products to have before a puppy joins your household.

6 MUSTS for staying safe & together on the road


There’s nothing better than traveling with pets…but there would be nothing worse than having your dog or cat get lost when they’re away from home. 

A little TLC & a first aid-kit goes a LONG way


A lost pet could find himself face-to-face with dangers he never imagined.  YOU knowing Pet First Aid could be a great comfort as well as a life-saver!