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Understanding how pet microchips WORK is critical


You should never rely on microchips alone. Although a critical tool, you are relying on a lot of things to go "right" if you depend solely on a microchip.

Come, Sit, Stay...and read all about it.


It’s a fact that training plays a crucial part in lost pet prevention. There are undeniable benefits of having a trained pup, like helping them stay safe.

No matter your pup's age, they can still get lost


It’s important to remember all of the tools in your toolbox throughout your dog’s life. Things that work for puppies might not work for as your dog ages.

Wanna have a chill & safe pet? Make them THINK.


It’s our job to make sure we provide our pets with the tools they need to stay safe and engaged when life looks different for them, too. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

Senior dogs = puppies (Cuz all doggos are young at heart!)


Toys, comfort-care, travel gear and more, our PetHub team shares some of our older pups tried and tested, favorite and well loved products! 

Dogs are like chips. It's hard to have just one.


So, is having two dogs better than one?  In many cases, the answer can be an emphatic YES! But make sure to do your homework to avoid common pitfalls.

Doggie breath mints and dental chews are NOT enough.


Many health issues stem from an imbalance in the bad vs. good bacteria that creates an unhealthy environment in the mouth. And...bad bacteria STINKS.

Mine pup is ENFP with a big dose of goofball. Yours?


These is no Myers-Briggs for dogs, but there are some classic personality traits that can predict HOW they will get lost (if they ever do). 

My pet just needs a microchip, right? NO!


Here at PetHub, we compare pet identification to a four-legged stool. Would you feel safe sitting on a stool that only has one leg? Probably not.

Know these situations BEFORE your dog goes missing.


Sure, every doggo is unique and the best pup EVAH. Still, there are some frequent storylines for a dog that's AWOL (absent without a leash). 

What the HECK are you supposed to do??


A MUST read. From using social media to spread the word to walking the neighborhood, we outline steps to help get them home.

Let's keep them HOME for Christmas (& ALL holidays)


Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year...unless you are a fur kid. Then, it can be a bit MUCH (and potentially dangerous).