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What to Look for When Choosing CBD for Your Pet


CBD can help with anxiety, and it can also help alleviate pain, controlling seizures, and act as an anti-inflammatory tool. But where to start?

"I OWN that stink, Mom. I worked hard on it!"


Not everyone wants to snuggle with a stinky doggo. We've got some tips on what "normal" smells are and how to take care of those not-so-pleasant smells.

Tips to Secure a Full Veterinary Care History


Having a copy of your pet’s medical records is important in determining what type of care and treatment is needed, but obtaining records can be tricky.

AKA How to Avoid Major Kitty Crankiness


If you are needing (or wanting!) to include your cat in your travel plans (or if you are relocating) the following tips can help make the trip a breeze.

PetHub is in GOOD Company!


Just like PetHub, there are many organizations working towards a goal of getting lost pets home, and so we just have to share their PAWsomeness.

Is Craiglist still good for finding lost pets?


Posting a lost pet to Facebook groups, and your own Facebook profile, can be very helpful. Craigslist is another online tool that many people turn to.

Most dogs you see on the streets are lost, not stray


If you find a lost dog, they are most likely scared or panicked. They are away from home and might act skittish, but still need your help. 

Do you know what to do when your pet gets hurt?


Pets are, by and large, resilient creatures, and often need less care for small and non-life-threatening injuries than do human beings. It’s still important to learn to administer first aid.

Common Causes & Steps to Ease Different Anxieties


Dogs may be anxious for wide variety different reasons, and there are several types of anxiety, each with different triggers and specific treatments.

Wait, Natural is Good, Right?!?


We want food and treats that are healthy, responsible, and sustainable. We want natural. And that is part of the challenge.

7 Things You Must Train Your Dog to Do


Do you know the most important things to train your dog to understand to keep them safe? Key commands should be learned for emergency situations. 

Do's & Don'ts of Training Your Pup


We've all made mistakes when it comes to training our dogs! A leading dog trainer walks us through the most common pitfall of training our pups.