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Weathering the storm with your pet takes planning.


According to a recent ASPCA study, 83% of pets live in disaster prone areas. Yet, less than 50% of pet parents have an emergency plan in place.

Yeah, it's a cute tag, but is it really POWERFUL?


Guess what the second fastest way is to get your pet home in one day or less (after physically searching)?  A physical ID tag on their collar.  

Cuz, NO, a microchip by itself ISN'T enough


Sure, some cats slip off a collar faster than you strip out of sweaty gym gear, but you should never skip the protection a good collar & ID bring. 

Dog Scout Motto: Always Be Prepared (& Bring Treats)


We compiled 4 simple steps you need to take to create the most efficient emergency plan possible (and yes, yummy food is involved). 

That cough or wheeze might not be a cold.


It's not just humans that suffer from asthma. It's more common in dogs than you might think. But do you know how to recognize a doggie asthma attack? 

You see the dog. You know it's lost. What now?


Sure, you're a doggo magnet at every party and you pet ALL the pups at the dog park. But do you know how to help a lost one get home?

Do you know cat CPR? Doggie heimlich? Stopping bleeding?


While pet first aid is by no means a replacement for competent vet care, there are some things you can do until they can get proper medical attention.

Houseplant hunting cats and other precarious sitches


Your dog is a dumpster diving master. Your cat has never met a bouquet it can't shred in 2 minutes. But both pet pastimes are potentially dangerous.

Reduced Costs, Stress, and Unnecessary Clinic Visits


Learn how on-demand online vet care can be a game changer for you. Veterinary telehealth can provided reduced costs from the comfort of your own home. 

DNA CAN Affect Your Dog's Weight Issues


Does your dog always seem to be hungry? Discover how DNA could be keeping you pup from feeling full after mealtimes, causing long-term health problems. 

It's time to ditch the old-fashioned etched ID tag.


It's a fact. Multiple emergency contacts can help a lost pet get home faster -- traditional IDs just can't do job any more. 

Dream vacay turn nightmare when the fur kid gets lost.


Vacations put you and your pet out of your familiar comfort zone. This means extra challenges to retrieve a pet that has gone missing during vacation.