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#1: Make them an indoor kitty. Outdoor = leash.


Cats are curious creatures and always on the lookout for a new adventure, but that daredevil spirit often leads them straight to trouble. 

"It can happen to ANYONE"


Most animal control officers have seen it all, and know there are MANY reasons pets get lost, injured or in other trouble. So let's hear from the pros.

Dogs: Always assume LOST. Cat: Might be just exploring.


Every year, millions of dogs and cats end up lost. Some are found quickly, but many aren't, land in shelters, and the outcomes are not always so good. 

He loves to eat my socks and whatever is on MY plate.


One of the most important parts of raising a new puppy is ensuring they have a balanced and proper nutrition. And no, not all dog food is created equally.

I have TONS of pics of my pup. Instaworthy?


Learn from a pro how to get shots of your doggo being exactly who he is, quirks and all.  Grab your phone, some treats, a toy or two, and prepare for fun! 

TBF, my screaming during football games IS terrifying


Learn how to help desensitize dogs to loud noises. Help your dog conquer fireworks, loud music, cars backfiring, and more by taking these 3 easy steps.

Finding a purr-fect sitter for your vacay can be RUFF.


Vacations are a time to relax, unwind and switch off — but for many pet parents, trying to find reliable and safe pet care you can trust can be stressful! 

If your community requires it, you should know WHY


Even though most municipalities require a pet license, many pet parents don't get them.  So let's learn 5 W's of getting a one, shall we?

Velcro dogs. You love being loved but NEED to detach.


Separation anxiety is one of the most common canine behavioral issues pet parents work through with their dogs. Here's how help your pet who suffer.

PetHub's CEO shares the story of her beloved Penny


A dog can change your life. Saying goodbye to that soul can be devastating. Lorien shares her journey of trauma, deep love and Canine Cognitive Disorder.

Aromatherapy can ease an injured pet quickly


You probably know what obvious basics should be in your pet first aid kit. But did you know that essential oils can be a safe and effective addition?
Understanding how pet microchips WORK is critical


You should never rely on microchips alone. Although a critical tool, you are relying on a lot of things to go "right" if you depend solely on a microchip.