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Doggos want WARM walkies in a Winter Wonderland


Ya gotta walk the pup daily (or else). Unfortunately, it’s not always fun or comfortable to walk your dog in the fall or winter. Let's fix that. 

One of our biggest fears: someone stealing our pet


Abduction of dogs is a crime that is unfortunately too common, especially if your dog is a purebred or of a certain breed that owners might find desirable.

If you rely solely on a microchip -- DON'T.


Some municipalities are getting rid of community IDs and opting for "microchip only" programs. Too many times, though, we've seen microchips FAIL.

Spring has sprung! And so has the pollen!


A little foresight and prevention can go a long way in having an enjoyable spring with your fur kids, indoors and outside.

Every Pet Parent's Worst Nightmare


The most dreaded feeling a pet owner can experience is realizing that they can’t find their pet. Take time NOW to learn what to do when the worst happens.

Your Cat Prolly Wants Out. Don't Do It.


More so than other pets, cats are ill equipped to deal with the heat and humidity that blankets most of the country throughout the summer months. 

We LUV building tag programs to help communities!


If you found PetHub through your pet's new ID tag, these folks that made that happen.  If your community NEEDS better IDs, they can help with that, too! 

Sweater weather, gorgeous leaves, and hidden dangers.


As summer fades into fall and temperatures drop, it’s important that pet owners, especially new ones, are fully aware of the unique dangers of autumn.

For many dogs, the 4th is the worst day. EVER.


If your dog is fearful of fireworks AND an naturally anxious pup, you may dread any holiday that involves fireworks and loud noises. 

Frequent Flyers --


Some dogs, called flight-risk dogs, are much more likely to go missing than others. You may have a flight-risk dog and not even know it.

Get in the car, dude. We've got some explorin' to do!


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Yes, your dog needs more toys. Especially THESE toys.


Dog toys can be essential tools for different needs, situations and enrichment that can help with Lost Pet Prevention. We LUV these four from Soda Pup.