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Wait, Natural is Good, Right?!?


We want food and treats that are healthy, responsible, and sustainable. We want natural. And that is part of the challenge.

7 Things You Must Train Your Dog to Do


Do you know the most important things to train your dog to understand to keep them safe? Key commands should be learned for emergency situations. 

Do's & Don'ts of Training Your Pup


We've all made mistakes when it comes to training our dogs! A leading dog trainer walks us through the most common pitfall of training our pups.

What is Your Pet Trying to Tell You?


Dogs do have their own ways of communicating with us and letting us know what is going on. Learn what your dog’s body language is trying to tell you. 

Understand Pet Nutrition


With so many choices and options, along with some heavy hitting marketing tactics, it can be downright overwhelming to navigate the dog food aisle.

Learn when to use telehealth for your pet


Knowing the different scenarios to use veterinary telehealth can help pet parents understand when and why to use this valuable and affordable tool.

The Benefits of Mixing Wet and Dry Food for Dogs


It sometimes seems like dogs will eat anything - except for those times when they turn up their nose at dinner time. Even if they have enjoyed the same kibble recipe for years, there are many factors that can cause your dog to suddenly stop – including age, health issues, or even a change in their environment.

How to Choose Dog Food


When it comes to dog food, one size may not fit all. Dogs may have different nutritional needs based on their breed size and stage of life, and it’s important to consider this when making decisions for them so they can live the longest and happiest life possible.