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PetHub's New Look!

If you have been on PetHub’s website recently, you may have noticed that we have a whole new look.

PetHub Gives Back: What Is Shelter Share?

At PetHub, we are all about helping as many pets as possible. Not only do we help pets directly by helping get them home quickly with PetHub tags, we also help the shelters and organizations that find homes for pets through our Shelter Share program.    

How to Protect Your Pet Before an Emergency or Natural Disaster Strikes

  Let’s face it: no one thinks a natural disaster or emergency will happen to them. Because of this, few people are as prepared as they should be for such situations.    Although any emergency is scary, you can avoid outright panic by preparing to protect your pet the best you can before it happens.

Tips for Better Photos of Your Dog

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Dog   One of the many fun things to do as a dog owner is to get those shots of him being exactly who he is, quirks and all. The tough thing is you usually end up with something blurry or with green eye (the dog equivalent of red-eye). So I'm here to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your dog photography so you can get better pictures of your best friend.

How To Read Your Dog's Body Language

What Is Your Pet Trying To Tell You? Reading Your Dog’s Body Language.   Do you ever wish your dog could use words to tell you what they are feeling or thinking? Us too. Unfortunately they can’t. However, dogs do have their own ways of communicating with us and letting us know what is going on. As a pet owner, it is important to learn what your dog’s body language is trying to tell you.

Top Commands To Teach Your Pet To Keep Them Safe

  Top Commands You Need To Teach Your Dog To Keep Them Safe   How well does your dog listen? Do they drop something when you tell them? Do they come to you when you call them? Do they respond to their name when they hear it?

Recognizing Abnormal Stress and Anxiety in Dogs

Being able to recognize when your dog is anxious, and the cause, is the key to determining how to calm a nervous dog. Once you know those things, you can develop a strategy to address the issue.

Does Aromatherapy Really Calm Dogs?

Dogs have 40 times more scent receptors than humans. With their remarkable olfactory memory, and because their world revolves around scent, aromatherapy is ideal for use with dogs.

What is Causing My Dog's Anxiety?

Do you have a dog whose tail is almost always tucked between their legs and they can’t seem to settle? If so, your dog likely has an anxiety disorder.

10 Best Calming Aids for Pets

If your pet suffers from fear, phobia, or any one of the several types of anxiety, you may wonder what you can do to help calm an anxious dog. There are many different calming products that can help.

Reducing Separation Anxiety In Pets

Separation anxiety is one of the most common canine behavioral issues pet parents work through with their dogs. We've got a number of tips for you to help your pet who suffers from separation anxiety.

How To Create A Safe Space For Your Dog On The Fourth of July

Did you know? More dogs run away on July 4th than any other day of the year. Here are 6 suggestions to create a calm safe home for your dog during the 4th of July festivities from Heart Earth Inc.

Summertime Safety Tips

When the temperatures rise, remember to plan ahead for your dog's safety just as you would for yourself. Enjoying ecreational activities with your pet can be fun but don't forget these summertime precautions in the excitement.

Making An Emergency Kit For Your Pet

Unsure what you would need for your pet in an emergency? Well, review this handy infographic that lists everything you will need in order to create a helpful and quite possibly life-saving emergency pet kit.

Lost Pet Recovery Steps

Losing a pet is stressful, and it can be unclear on what you should be doing in order to find them. This checklist should help you with the process of trying to recover your lost pet.

Cold Weather Safety Infographic

It seems that every season brings new dangers for pets. Learn about keeping your pets safe in cold weather!

Pet IDs 101 Infographic

Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will get lost in their lifetime? Only 15-20% of lost dogs are ever reunited with their families and of those pets that do make it home, only do so because of ID tags, tattoos or microchips.    

How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fall and Winter Walks

Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean your dog walking routine should. Sticking to regular walks will help you and your dog avoid packing on pounds during the colder months.

Top 10 Cities For Dog Friendly Urban Hiking

The United States is filled with big cities that contain many parks and trails to explore with your dog. We teamed up with and created this infographic to highlight the top 10 cities in the U.S. for dog friendly urban hiking.

Prepare Now! How to Protect Your Pet in Case of a Natural Disaster Emergency

Caring for your pet, and keeping them safe, in a natural disaster starts before one even happens. You’ve probably all heard the message about preparing your pet but how many of you have actually taken the steps to do it?

Should I Advertise My Lost Dog (or Cat) on Craigslist?

Posting a lost pet to Facebook groups, and your own Facebook profile, can be very helpful. Craigslist is another online tool that many people turn to.

Making Posters & Flyers To Find Your Lost Pet Infographic

Here are five things to keep in mind when preparing to create posters. 1. Use phrases that instantly capture people’s attention such as “Lost Dog”.

7 Great Organizations Helping Bring Lost Pets Home

We - PetHub - created Lost Pet Prevention (LPP) Month in July 2014 to give pet parents focused, in-depth resources, tools and strategies for preventing a lost pet, as well as advice for getting them home quickly if they go 'AWOL' (Absent without a leash). Even though July is the offical LPP month, we work just as hard the rest of the year to fulfill that mission.  

Tagging Your Car Can Help Find Your Lost Dog Infographic

  Certain types of dogs can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. An aloof dog may avoid strangers and head out of your neighborhood to a more secluded area such as nearby woods.   Tagging your car can help get the word out about your missing dog while you search outside your neighborhood.