10 Tips for Pet Poisoning Emergencies

Finding your pet poisoned is one of the scariest threats a pet parent can face.

10 Fall Pet Safety Tips

The PetHub Mantra to keep every family’s pet safe, happy and home for the rest of their lives is of utmost value to us.This means that we want you to know the most important information to help keep your furry friends safe & give you peace of mind. As Summer fades into Fall and temperatures drop, more animals become susceptible to injury, illness and even death. It’s important that pet owners, especially new ones, are fully aware of the unique dangers that animals face in the fall and can prepare for them accordingly. Whether you're a new pet parent or just want to be on top of your care game, we’ve got you covered on all you should avoid and plan for.

Why You NEED Pet Insurance

  At PetHub, our mission is to ensure that every family's pet stays happy, safe and HOME for the rest of their lives. Purchasing pet insurance is a great step in doing just that.  What is pet health insurance?

Preparing Rescued Animals for Travel & New Homes

September is national preparedness month. So I thought I’d share how we prepare animals rescued through inside/out’s International Humanitourism programs (www.humanitourism.org ) for rehoming in the United States.     

How To Add Medical Info to Your Pet's Profile

  When you set up your PetHub account, create a profile for your pet, and link their new digital ID tag, you may think that you are just getting the lost pet recovery services. But, did you know that PetHub profiles can hold more than just emergency contact information?

Found: Nerk & Sakoda (WA)

Nerk became lost after chasing his sister Sakoda out on the farm. 

Preparing for the Pet Sitter

Naturally you’re going to leave the essentials: your emergency contact information, the phone number and address of your veterinarian, and your pets medication and feeding schedule. But let’s take a look at how you can take it up a notch …

A Tail Of Preparedness

Daisy’s Dad was being prepared when he was checking her tags to make sure they were legible and up-to-date. It was during this routine check he discovered that her tag was damaged and difficult to read.  

Heat Stroke Prevention

New infographic with our friends at gopetfriendly.com

FOUND--Holly (Arizona)

FOUND--Holly (Arizona). Found Pack member story of the month.

Tips From Head To Tail: What To Check If You Find A Lost Or Stray Cat

Whether you find your pet who had gone missing or are playing good samaritan to someone else’s dog or cat you find, knowing Pet First Aid could be a great comfort as well as a life-saver! Here's a list of things to check if you find a lost or stray pet.

Lost Pet Prevention For New Adoptive Pet Parents

Many first time pet owners turn to shelters for adoption. However, pets that are adopted from shelters often have special behavioral needs, especially if they have been rescued from a puppy mill or abusive situation.  

How Aromatherapy Can Help Your Dog

At PetHub, keeping your pets safe, healthy and home is our utmost priority. Because of this, we know that almost all pet parents have been confronted with situations that stress out their furry family members.  Almost all pet parents have been confronted with situations that stress out their furry family members. Whether it’s a trip to the vet, fireworks or just an unfamiliar situation--these are the times when pets are most likely to bolt and get lost. Aromatherapy offers a safe alternative for helping to calm stressed pets and making them feel safe.

9 Ways to Help a Shy, Panicked, or Scared Lost Dog

The PetHub Mission? To keep every family's pet safe, happy and home for the rest of their lives. Here’s how you can help.  

7 Critical Questions To Ask A New Pet Sitter

It can be scary leaving your beloved pet in someone else’s care while you travel for work or vacation.  At PetHub we want to ensure your pets stay safe and comforted even when you aren’t around. Skip to the end the article to check out an awesome deal!

July Is Lost Pet Prevention Month – Tips for Staying Together While Traveling

Tips for Staying Together While Traveling   There’s nothing better than traveling with your pets…but there would be nothing worse than having your dog or cat get lost when they’re away from home. Sadly, each year a number of pets run away while they’re on vacation with their families. Next month is Lost Pet Prevention Month, and we’re sharing what we’ve learned to help you make sure your pet isn’t one of the unfortunate ones! Follow these tips, and you’ll have no trouble staying together while you’re traveling.  

What to Do If You Find a Lost Cat

Cats are often more difficult to find when they aren't where they should be, but rather than walking (or more often, driving) away, there are some things you can try to do to help get the little sweetie home safe and sound:  

Keys For Getting A Lost Dog Home

Did you find a lost dog? Here's some tips on how to get him back home.

Common Scenarios for Lost Dogs

At PetHub, your dog’s safety is our highest priority and we want to ensure they have healthy, long and high-quality lives at HOME with you. Check out this article to avoid major mistakes that could lead to your pup venturing off into the wild world.    The Pick-up Artist